Real Estate

Accurate location data for comprehensive self-guided tours

Direct prospective tenants to significant points of interest throughout a complex

Start Saving Time

Provide digital maps with marked POIs for seamless self-guided tours

On self-guided tours, future tenants often struggle to locate featured units, amenities, entrances, available parking, and other points of interest. Unfortunately, negative touring experiences can easily discourage prospective tenants from renting at that particular property.

Avoid this dilemma by equipping prospective tenants with visual data about the complex right on their smartphones. Our smooth, user-friendly app takes your clients straight to the doorstep of featured units and marks the locations of complex amenities in relation to available units.

Key Benefits

Create a seamless self-touring experience for every prospective client
Increase the likelihood of securing tenants
Provide full-picture details to alleviate questions about the property’s layout
Improve ETAs for precise appointment scheduling
Residential real estate
Beans Tour — For Realtors and Brokers

Accurate location data to optimize apartment/property showings and tours

Flawlessly organizing and executing showings is a tall order to get right with so many variables at play. Agents, brokers, and clients alike often struggle to locate featured units, amenities, entrances, available parking, and other POIs. That’s why we created Beans Tour.

Beans Tour helps your clients search contextually relevant attributes that matter most in deciding on their next home and easily plans and routes their optimal tour of the unit and property.

Faster closing times through a branded, personalized and focused showing experience for every prospective client
Intuitive cloud dashboard to manage your clients, their prioritized search parameters, uploaded images, and notes on each property
Real-time ETAs for precise appointment scheduling
Apartment Routing
For Property Managers, Owners, and Developers

Guide visitors, codify delivery policies, integrate data to access control systems, and highlight salient POIs across your properties

Navigation to multifamily communities, commercial buildings, campuses, and hospitals is broken. Partner with One Hundred Feet to digitally keep your properties, facilities, and communities evergreen by geocoding the latest POIs and enhancements.

Through the Beans Maps Web Widget, One Hundred Feet becomes a virtual guide for your multi-tenant properties and highlights available units, amenities, parking lots, entrances, and other POIs for prospective residents. Simple wayfinding encourages self-touring and reduces the number of questions prospective tenants have when touring properties.

Lease units quicker with optimized and informative showings and tours
Manage visitors and delivery personnel better through clear directions and accurate access codes
Highlight POIs and amenities to give visitors full-picture details to minimize questions about the property’s layout
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