Route Planning & Optimization

With the fastest dynamic route planning solution and second to none computing power, we provide state of the art optimization for route sequencing, route planning, and assisted dispatch.

Number of stops your can sequence in one go


Number of stops you can plan in one go


Faster than most comparable systems

∞   Infinite Configurations

Time Windows

Set time windows per stop and guarantee on time deliveries.

Vehicle Capacities

Set capacity independently for each vehicle, to allow 1099s and W2s to work off the same system

Capabilities & Flavors

Assign capabilities and flavors to vehicles and stops. Identify vehicles with refrigeration.

Workarea Planning

Plan workareas around zipcodes, ask the system to find clusters, or draw custom polygons

Warehouse Loading & Docking

Specify warehouse packing limits, and number of loading docks available for dispatch in waves

Enroute Assignment

Keep current stop assignment for drivers already enroute to get peak efficiency

Driver Home Affinity

Create driver profiles to get them closer to home at end of the day

Custom Optimization Function

Choose from a preset optimization function, or write your own optimization function

Flexible Starts and Ends

Choose between warehouse or first/last stop on when to start and end paying drivers